It was more than 3 years ago, but I can still physically feel the tension throughout my body whenever I recall the first time I took my children to daycare. As a first-time mother, I could not have fathomed how difficult it would be to place my infants in the hands of strangers… and leave.

Who we trust our children with is a heavy decision, isn’t it?

Although leaving them never got easy, over time it became more comfortable. My husband and I grew to trust our children’s caregivers, and daycare felt like an extension of our family.

In my 3.5 years as a mother, I’ve experienced many different life rhythms. For the first year and a half, I worked full-time and my kids went to daycare 4 days each week. I then did the Stay-at-Home-Mom thing for a year, and this past year I worked part-time with the twins returning to daycare for 1 day each week.

Through these various experiences, here’s what I’ve come to deeply believe –

It does not matter if you’re in the workplace full-time, part-time or fully at home; parenting happens best when you have a village to support you.


Through being a part of the team that’s creating LaFontaine Learning Community, these experiences have made me “the voice for the parents”. As we tried to decipher what type of early childhood education would serve the southern Wabash County/northern Grant County communities best, my heart and voice landed here:

  • We need a place that every parent can utilize in whatever capacity they need, equipping them with a village.
  • We need a place that views each child as a unique eternal soul entrusted by God not only to its guardians, but to their village as well.
  • We need a place that understands what gives parents pure confidence that while they’re away, their children are being well loved.
  • We need a place that knows it is only as good as its staff, who are beloved children of God too… and should be treated as such.

Friends, this is who LaFontaine Learning Community is aiming to be. With the support of our community, and local families choosing to join us, I truly believe this village can be beautiful.

Regardless of your current rhythm, if you’re parenting young kiddos I feel there’s a place for you here. If you reach out, I would love to answer your questions or tell you more about how LLC could serve your family.

Would you join our village?

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Laura Langebartels

Laura Langebartels